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Create A Emergency Fund

October 23, 2017

Take part of the money you save on utilities to create an emergency fund to cover unexpeced bills. Start with $25 every two weeks. In one year you will have $650 in 5yrs $3250.

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Lower your cable bill!

October 23, 2017

 Check out your plans features. If you have hbo, starzz, cinemax; discontinue them for 30 days. After 30 days check for promotional offers. There are usually cheaper and last for 90 days. This will save you $90 in three months.

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How to save money on your gas and electric bill?

October 23, 2017

Buy solar lights, for the front, side and rear of your home. This will lower your electric bill by $30 a month.  When winter season is over;Turn of the gas to the furnace and cut off the breaker in the electrical panel. Your save $15 a month on gas and electric bill. Unplug all televisions and microwave oven when not in use. This will save about $10 a month.  If you have a basement; you can save money by putting a battery operated security motion detector light that only comes on when there is movement in the basement.This will save you about $7 a month.

You have just lowered your bills by $62 a month. Now you can use $25 of that $62 to create an emergency fund and put the balance into a savings account.

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